Открытие ЖК Бульвар Фонтанов

Открытие Жилого комплекса Бульвар Фонтанов

Официальное открытие жилого комплекса премиум класса Бульвар Фонтанов посвящённое заверению строительства всего жилого комплекса состоялось 17.05.2019.


AMTT Group Cares About the High Level of Knowledge of Its Employees.

A seminar on “Automatic Doors Based on GS-100 Drives” was organized jointly with representatives of the GU company.


Christmas Meetings 2019

AMTT Group held Christmas meetings at the enterprise’s premises in the conference hall.


Commercial Property Magazine Has Published an Interview with the Director of Modern City Architecture.

Evgenii Tovstenko, director of Suchasna Architektura Mista (AMTT Group specializing in aluminum constructions, facade, window and door systems)

АМТТ, НВФ, СПОК, обучение,

AMTT Group Conducts Training on the Design of Suspended Ventilated Facades (SVF) and Translucent Enclosing Structures (TES)

AMTT Group conducts training on the design of suspended ventilated facades (SVF) and translucent enclosing structures for students and university graduates.


AMTT Group Takes Part in the TeamWIN Windows Day 2018 Conference, September 19

The first All-Ukrainian Conference for managers and owners of the window business. “How to grow in the window market” conference, from the leading industry magazine “Windows. Doors. Stained-Glass Windows”, will be held on September 19.


«Clothing of Turnkey Buildings» : 10 Basis from AMTT for Self-Realization of the Architect

AMTT Group thanks you for your active participation in the forum called “Clothing of Turnkey Buildings”: 10 Basis from AMTT for Self-Realization of the Architect, which took place on March 22, 2018, on the platform of the Training Center of AMTT Group.


On May 19, 2016, the Opening Ceremony of the FORTE ALUMINUM Plant for the Production of Aluminum Extrusion Has Taken Place

The management of AMTT Group made a strategic decision by launching an investment project that created a new market operator in Ukraine for the production of aluminum profile.